Radio Brahmaputra CRS is a non-commercial radio station, near the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra in Dibrugarh district of upper Assam. It is the first non-commercial radio station in North-Eastern Region, preparing to broadcast in five different languages and dialects with the direct involvement of local communities. Radio Brahmaputra is dedicated to serve the people within coverage of 10-15 KM radius to disseminate information on social, cultural and political issues as well as foster local cultures and talents. It will broadcast on education issues, mobilize community participation and focus on local issues. Radio Brahmaputra’s goal is to serve the people of island villages as well as the tea garden communities and mainland urban and rural settlement through direct participation of local volunteers and community based reporters. These activists will represent five different languages Assamese, Chadri (tea garden dialect), Bodo, Mishing and Bhojpuri (dialect of migrant community from Bihar & Uttar Pradesh).The various radio formats include radio and chat shows, music, information based programmes, radio drama, interviews, quiz show among school children, special programmes for women and older people covering cultural
events, folk music and public service announcements. BCRS was set up in 2010 and is scheduled to start broadcasting in 2012. Before its launch an intensive programme of “narrow casting” involving local communities in its coverage area helped them to consider it as their own media and to speak on their own issues. It is gaining acceptance not only as a media but as choupal to all, getting communities together to exchange their views, improve mutual understanding and respect.