BCRS’s vision is to build a network of communities who will report, inform and broadcast in five languages [Assamese, Chadri - tea community dialect, Mising, Bodo and Bhojpuri (spoken by migrants from Bihar and Northern India)] in the coverage area of 10-15 km radius from the BCRS.


To report, document and broadcast on issues of local concern, ranging from  economic and governance to social and cultural issues;through  its  programmes,  create  awareness  of  social  challenges,  document  cultural diversity and social practices, report on the physical environment in which  people  live (rivers,  floods,  islands,  farms  etc  in  Dibrugarh  District),entertain and tap local talent as well as develop a platform for concerns of human development through highlighting national flagship programmes such as National  Rural  Health  Mission,  Sarva  Siksha  Abhiyan  and  Total  Sanitation Campaign; BCRS’s goal is to make people better informed of issues that affect them and share and communicate their views and concerns through BCRS to authorities BCRS believes that every individual has the right to participate in the broadcast  movement and be empowered by communicating in their own languages and  dialects, as a key part of strengthening democracy through openness.